Kindness is never wasted!
Helping to achieve it globally.

With Pago de Caridad, your cause will be assisted,
and the help you receive will be felt from anywhere in
the world.


What is Pago de Caridad?

What better market to start improving than the Giving
market? A positive change to an industry that benefits people
in need of help is the perfect starting point.

For Donors, Pago de Caridad is an online donation facility that provides an easy and safe way to donate to a Charitable Institution using mobile phones or laptops.
For Charities, Pago de Caridad is whitelabel donation platform
intended for Charitable institutions. Instead of focusing the
time and energy in developing infrastructures and payment facilities for donations, these channels will be available to accept donations.

What We offer?


Conveniently donate
and receive

Pago de Caridad allows you to receive donations
conveniently with different payment methods
available , via web or mobile.

Monitor donations
to your cause

Pago de Caridad helps you keep track
of the donations you received.


Expand your
receiving network

Pago de Caridadâ €™s convenient payment
network spans the entire globe, allowing
you to receive donations from anywhere,

What makes us special?


Capture more

Pago de Caridad is supported by a facility
with a global connectivity.


Multiple modes of

Pago De Caridad is enabled with
different payment methods and payment
brands for credit card processing,
e-wallet and
e-money, online bank transfer, and over
the counter (OTC) form of payments.


Reach people who
want to help your cause

Pago de Caridad allows you to reach
out globally especially
those who find your
cause close to their hearts.

You Can Restore Hope By Donating!

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